15 Jul 2010

Grander Black

News from my good friend Bill Boyce :

My good friend John Richardson of Belleville, TX owns the mother ship MAMA LIDO and the "trick" historic 43' custom Merritt sport fisher the PICAFLOR. On July 11th he caught a huge black marlin in Panama's Perlas Islands. Not known as a major marlin destination.. After this catch..It may well need to be one...!!!

John fishes with a complete set of my Boyce Custom Rods and he gives them a year round work out... Nice to know a fatty black marlin was subdued so quickly on one of my 50 lb. "shortie chair" rods. I designed them to be fished from a chair OR fished stand-up when the shortie AFTCO uni-butt is affixed..

Congradualtions to John and the expert crew on the PICAFLOR for this astounding catch...!!! I look forward to getting down there on his recent invite to sample some of that fine fishing myself on board the PICAFLOR.

Hope you are all enjoying your day in the office... LOL

Lenght- 152 inches (mouth to tailfork)- alongside boat measurement

Girth-92 inches (alongside boat estimate)
Calculated wt-1150# (+/- 50#)
Line- 50#, Suffix
Lure- Joe Yee Evil
Rod- Boyce Custom Rods, 50 lb. "shortie chair" special
Fighting time- 40 minutes
Witnesses- Travis Russell, Richard Smith
Captain- Adolfo Grajales
Mates- Ligorrio Sanapi, Aristotal Cordoba
Angler-John E Richardson
Boat-Picaflor, 43 Merritt
Location- San Jose Canyon, Perlas Islands, Panama
Current World Record on 50# line- 1124#
Fish released in excellent condition-07/11/10
Billfish Foundation Tag Number 477407

Whether or not it would have been a World Record will never be known but iether way, what a magnificent Black Marlin !