12 Jul 2010

Wahoo hitting stickbait on TOW-CAM!

Wahoo hitting stickbait on TOW-CAM on Golden Eagle 

Just got some awsome video footage from my friend and gamefishing colleague George Trinkler. Taken aboard Suva based charterboat Golden Eagle (Metatag  - www.goldeneaglefiji.com) 

Here a wahoo checks out a skirted lure but then spots a hookless stickbait run as a teaser for the camera. What's really interesting about this clip is the length of time the wahoo takes inspecting the lure before hitting it......Twice !

Wahoo always seem to come tearing into the spread, smash a lure and go screaming off....

Perhaps not....These wahoo clearly follow the lures and give them a good look-over before biting.

Interesting stuff.