14 Sep 2007

Cam Sigler Flies Bite Me

The Bite Me crew recently had the pleasure of the company of world renown fly fisherman Cam Sigler Jr aboard looking for some inshore and offshore tropical flyfishing action. His visit coincided with a visit from the IGFA Anglers Digest film crew who were here with Bill Boyce presenting a couple of TV shows from Bite Me. Being wahoo season here in Kadavu, we had little trouble persuading Cam to pit his fly fishing skills against a marauding wahoo pack and put one of his Cam Sigler fly rods through its paces.

We headed out to one of the many spots where the wahoo like to pack up and withing an hour had found a large pack of some 40 fish ranging in size from 30lbs to 90lbs. Our first run through produced multiple hook-ups on lures and ballyhoo skip baits giving the anglers and film crew a healthy warm-up before the main event. We then got set for the fly attempt with just two lures out off the left rigger and corner and Cam standing ready in the right corner ready to cast a large silver flasher fly. When the two lures were duly mauled, the boat was put in neutral and Cam cast. On his first strip back to the transom a nice wahoo of about 35lbs charged in, porpoised clean into the air and came down hard on the fly. The fly rod loaded up, fly reel screamed and Cam was into his first Kadavu wahoo on fly. Judging from the grin on his face, I think it was an enjoyable experience !

If you want to see all the action, check out the IGFA Anglers Digest website for a download of the show or see the show on the Sportsman's Channel in the USA or Wild TV in Canada.
It was great fun to have you aboard Cam and Joe and I look forward to many more action packed visits.

Next time, I recommend you try one of our big GTs on fly. Then you will REALLY know what its like to be hopelessly out-gunned on a fly rod!

See the streaming video on IGFA Anglers Digest website


Trevor said...

Adrian -

What a great video and great fishing!

Thanks for telling us about it all on your blog.

Hope to see you soon!