12 Sep 2007

Best Fiji Fishing Lodge Resort - Matava Resort, Kadavu, Fiji - IGFA Readers Digest



By Bill Boyce

To anyone who has traveled the world in search of fine fishing locations, an un-deniable fact we keep contending with at so many of these destinations is .. Paradise Lost.. Paradise Lost… Paradise Lost. For we have all been to places we dreamed could never exist, and once there, had the most insane adventure, vying to return as soon as humanly possible. But when we did make that much anticipated pilgrimage back to paradise.. It was indeed .. Lost.

Typically due to over development, to people who for one reason or another just don’t seem to belong there. You know the scenario, we fishy type people in our shorts, and industry related T-shirts, keep getting replaced by the dreaded “suit and tie on the beach” look. Or worse yet, the bald guy clad in Bermuda shorts, with white sox, black polished wing tips, and a big obnoxious woven hat with MEXICO sewed across the front of it. Tell tale signs that your “secret spot” is a little less a secret, and more likely the hottest new time share condo destination.

Well, I just returned from a filming expedition of a new travel / fishing series called IGFA Angler’s Digest TV on the remote Fijian island of Kadavu.

From the moment my Top Siders touched the ground, I knew I had found a special place.

A place sooooo different from any other I had ever been.
One which gave me the immediate imminent feeling that I will soon be truly experiencing…

Paradise Found…!!!

The 40 minute skiff ride from the small air strip that services Kadavu was an adventure unto itself. Passing thru stunningly clear waters where the pristine virgin coral reefs pass just a few feet under the flat bottomed hull.

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Best Fiji Fishing Lodge Resort - Matava Resort, Kadavu, Fiji - Black Marlin, Barred Spanish Mackerel,Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Roosterfish, Wahoo - Bite Me Fishing Charters