12 Sep 2007

Results of The 27th IGFC Tournament, 2007

In Association with Riviera Yachts Fiji and Shimano

Pacific Harbour 16th – 18th August, 2007.

Highest Scoring Team


Riviera One

Force Line

Highest Scoring Male Angler

Max Oyagawa - Kania

David Fiu - Kania

Phillip Tombs – Play Station

Higest Scoring Lady

Phyllis Williams – Bill Fever

Highest Scoring Junior

Matthew Cook – Riviera One

Tag & Release –

Max Oyagawa - Kania

David Fiu - Kania

Phillip Tombs - Playstation

Heaviest Fish

Adrian Henington – Turaga Levu

Heaviest Wahoo

Phyllis Williams – Bill Fever

Heaviest Tuna

Matthew Cook – Riviera One

Heaviest MahiMahi

Anil Kumar – Riviera One

Heaviest Walu

Bruce Southwick - Kania

Hard Luck Prize

Ryan Irvine – Wai Tadra (Down Under)

Best Dressed Team

Turaga Levu

International Game Fishing Club Fiji


Anonymous said...

Great blog and interesting results. We have fished many years and it is really good to see what is happening now. Thanks for the info