13 Sep 2007

Reduce overfishing, says Greenpeace - Fiji Times Online

Reduce overfishing, says Greenpeace

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Update: 10.44am

ENVIRONMENTAL group Greenpeace has accused Pacific nations of continuing to treat tuna stocks as limitless and says the level of fishing in the region has to be cut back.

Greenpeace Oceans Team Leader Nilesh Goundar who is attending this year's Tuna Forum in Papua New Guinea, says the industry still considers Pacific ocean tuna stocks as a lucrative all-you-can-take region.

He says the level of catch must be set to a sustainable precautionary level and the Pacific region must resist the push to fish more.

He says over-fishing will lead to an unsustainable harvest with huge socio-economic and environmental costs as has happened elsewhere in the world, reports Radio Australia.

Greenpeace says it will push for 50 percent less fishing across Pacific tuna fisheries at the Tuna commission meeting in December.

Reduce overfishing, says Greenpeace - Fiji Times Online
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