22 Oct 2008

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If you want to get off the well trodden tourist track that so many here re4commend over & over &over then head down to Kadavu Island and hook up with Adrian Watts @ Matava-all found and more.

If fishing from the beach be advised that some resorts have a No Fishing policy for the area directly around the property and that-and this is important-all land in Fiji is Private.

Every grain of sand belongs to someone you can't just walk onto a likely looking stretch of beach and start casting away-not only might you be trespassing you might be poaching someone's food supply as well.
The thing to do is ask carefully and politely about permission-which is generally freely given except as I've said in the case of some resorts.
You mean a rod/reel for trolling or casting?

Lures-from the beach small Silver spoons and some surface Poppers-fish early/late in the day and whenever it's windy and overcast-bright sunny conditions mean fish don't like leaving their hidey holes and fishing is marginal at best.

You'll do much better hiring a boat to travel to the outside of the reef and then cast back to the outside edge-more and bigger fish lurk.

Lures trolling-Red Head Rapalas/Yozuris or the like actually any bright colour combo in the Red/Yellow/Orange spectrum also Blue/White Yozuri Bonitas.
Trolling feathers in the same colour combos-preferably on wire leaders if you're fishing closer to the reef toothy critters abound and make fishing straight mono leaders very expensive.

Fiji forums: Fishing Fiji - TripAdvisor