11 Oct 2008

Black Marlin - Bite Me Gamefishing Charters - awesome Sailfish, Marlin and Wahoo Fishing in Kadavu, Fiji

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Black Marlin
airbourne black marlin in FijiKadavu island sees black, blue and striped marlin however the easiest marlin to target are the black marlin that are found close in to the Great Astrolabe barrier reef outer slopes.
Little is known about these blacks but it is speculated that they migrate past Kadavu island on their journey to and from the breeding grounds off Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
Bite Me holds the M-60 Fiji National Record with a fish of 320lbs but much larger fish have been seen by the resort's divers and a probable grander was briefly hooked by anglers aboard Offensive Tackle before throwing the hook. She was estimated to have been over 16 feet in length as she swam under the boat. m-60 black marlin record in Fiji
dancing black marlin in Fiji So far, the best times for black marlin seem to support the Cairns/Lizard Island migration theory with blacks usually seen July to October and January to March however some fish have been seen outside these times so there may be a resident population.
When fishing for black marlin, as with Australia, the bite seems to be in the afternoons and we follow the traditional Cairns methods. dancing black marlin in Fiji
dancing black marlin in Fiji We spend the morning inside the barrier reef catching and rigging bait, move outside the reef at lunch time with large lures and then switch to running two circle hook rigged baits off the outriggers for the afternoon bite.
Black marlin are extraordinary fish that jump like sails but fight like enraged bulls. They always put on a show for the cameras and will astound you as they charge across the ocean in a repeated series of spectaculor jumps. airbourne black marlin in Fiji

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Black Marlin - Bite Me Gamefishing Charters - awesome Sailfish, Marlin and Wahoo Fishing in Kadavu, Fiji