23 Oct 2008

Marlin World online video magazine

What a world we're living in right now ... It seems that hardly a day passes by without some kind of news being announced that is going to affect our lives one way or another. For those that don't know, the Marlin World team is based in Europe so forgive us if we don't always pick up on the news from the USA where most of our readers come from. What I can pick out from 2008 though is the 'credit crunch', economic downturn, hurricanes galore and of course the upcoming election for the next President of the United States.

One way or another we have all been affected and we pray that solutions will be found for all the world’s woes and that life can bring us as much as we hope for. There is also a lot to feel good about though too, and that’s fishing! Fishing is a passion that brings together many people, let’s not waste that comradery! We are upbeat and are fast approaching our first full year of the Marlin World online video magazine.

We remain passionate about our publication and we welcome articles, photographs, videos and press releases from the entire sportfishing community whether they be saltwater or freshwater inclined.  

Closing date for the November / December issue is October 29th, so get your material to us as soon as possible if you want to be included. Send to ofcfilmcrew@gmail.com

Respected heavy tackle captain Peter Bristow debates the use of single hook rigs for big Atlantic Blue Marlin, Pete Pakula kicks off a new series of video articles about fishing techniques, swordfish action from Europe, fishing DVD reviews from award winning films, Costa del Mar and the incredible 580 lens, 'Lady Action' with Carrie Winner, and much much more!

Tightlines to ‘one and all’

Paul Watson,