2 Oct 2008

Kadavu GTs

We recently had a one week special charter to target black marlin and flew in a professional deckie and friend of mine, Glen Gardener to back-up Joeli, my full time deckie. Glen normally deckies aboard 'Bounty Hunter' a 35 Bertram charterboat based out of Sydney, Australia. More on that when I get a chance to sort through recent pictures of leaping marlin....

By way of thanks to Glen for all his hard work we popped out on Bite Me on his last afternoon for a bit of fun with the GTs. I recently added a couple of heavyweight popper casting outfits to Bite Me's tackle inventory and it was the perfect opportunity to Christen them. Whilst I would love to run Daiwa Saltiga Explorers or Shimano Stellas, as a charterboat, we just can't justify the cost of these Ferraris, not to mention the risk of them going overboard. Instead I went for the Daiwa Emblem Pro 5500 on Shimano T Curve GT Special rods and this combo proved to be just the job.

We upped the popper size from our usual MILs and fired out a big Halco Roosta Popper 195 rigged on an 80lb twisted leader to target the bigger fish.

The Shimano GT Special loads up beautifully on a nice GT

One of several GTs finally comes to the boat

Hooks out (we crush the barbs for easy release) and a quick shapshot

Ahhh....A face only a mother could love.
The GTs cute though.